Aerolatte Deluxe Edition Milk Frother with Stand, Stainless Steel Finish with Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils, Set of 6 and Coffee Recipes Bundle

Quick and easy to use the aerolatte® steam free milk frother provides professional results, creating creamy froth within seconds. Steam Free Milk Frother aerolatte handheld steam free milk frother creates creamy, thick froth the professionals would be proud of. All you need is a glass of milk and the aerolatte® stream free milk frother – no fancy equipment or a barista qualification required. In an attractive aluminium finish and with its own convenient stand, the aerolatte® steam free milk frother is made to last and help you create delicious creamy cups lattes, cappuccinos, milk shakes, iced coffees, frappuccino’s, cocktails and Irish coffees. It’s simple to use, easy to clean and creates consistent professional results each and every time! The stencil set includes 6 different designs (Swirl/Whisk, Smile/Wink, Star/Space, Leaf/Autumn, Snowflake/Festive and Heart/Love), each of which is sure to make your cappuccino, caffè latte and hot chocolate even more enticing. The stencils are made from food-approved polypropylene that is highly durable and allows excess toppings to be easily scraped away/removed after usage. They can be either wiped clean or put in the dishwasher. This bundle also comes with coffee recipes.

  • Includes frother and art stencil. Hand-held, battery-operated device that is designed specifically to produce perfect frothy milk in 20 seconds or less;
  • Can be used to froth all types of milk, including soy, rice, almond, coconut, and powdered
  • Will create professional-quality hot and cold drinks such as cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate, frappè, milkshake, cocktails (and many more); also ideal for preparing soup, sauces, dressings, omelettes, and various desserts
  • Cappuccino and latte art stencils; 3 by 3-3/4 inches
  • Stencils are shaped in order to sit securely on any standard-size cup/mug

$ 49.99

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